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Download Samsung USB Drivers v1.5.61.0

If you are using a Samsung smartphone or tablet and if you would like to connect your device with the Windows based computer, then you will certainly need to install Samsung USB driver in your computer. Without installing your device driver, you will not be able to connect your computer and smartphone.

Samsung offers Samsung Kies, which is actually a PC Mobile Suite for their customers. While installing Samsung Kies in your computer, it will automatically install the required USB driver for your device. But if you don’t like to install Samsung Kies but still wish to install USB drivers for your Samsung devices, then check out the table given here. We have given USB drivers all Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Download Samsung USB Drivers:

USB Driver Type: Samsung Driver + ADB
Driver File Size: 9 MB + 8.3 MB

Download 9MB Download 8.3MB

Points To Remember:

1) Samsung officially officially provides all the USB drivers given here. So, if you find the USB driver corrupted or if the USB driver doesn’t install properly, contact Samsung support team. Also, here are the different versions of Samsung USB Drivers:

Download Samsung USB Driver V1.5.61.0 – Latest Version

Download Samsung USB Driver V1.5.60.0

Download Samsung USB Driver V1.5.59.0

Download Samsung USB Driver V1.5.55.0

Download Samsung USB Driver V1.5.49.0

Download Samsung USB Driver V1.5.45.0

Download Samsung USB Driver V1.5.33.0

2) If you are looking for rooting tutorials or firmware upgrade tutorials or stock ROM flashing tutorials, etc., for Samsung smartphones and tablets, then contact us today.

3) If you can’t find the USB driver for your Samsung smartphone or tablet here on this page, just let us know. We will post the USB driver for your device as soon as possible.

4) If you have corrupted or bricked your device, download Samsung Stock ROM firmware and flash it on your device.


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