Extract and Install the Update.app file from Huawei Firmware

Huawei, a Chinese tech titan, and the device have been one of the numerous strong device companies which have built cheap-end, mid-range and high-end devices giving it one of the most selected brands when it arrives in Android device. Although Huawei updates its lineup with modern devices every year, software updates so as Android OS update aren’t too general.

When it proceeds to firmware files, some of them are simply possible over the internet which you can manage to flash the device, nevertheless, before you can really do it, you want to extract the firmware pack. It can be complex and complicated but don’t bother, we at Flashvila.com hit your back. Here are a pure easy-to-use and easy-to-follow tutorial on how to extract the firmware or Rom from the update.app file.

Complete Steps to Install the Update.app file from Huawei Firmware package

Observe the below pre-requisite, make assured to download all the needed files and drivers.

Firstly, you require these prerequisites

Here are few things and files that you will require before making started. We have added the links to download the same which makes it simple to understand this tutorial.

Step No.1 – Know the device firmware build

You need to identify the build number of the firmware that your Huawei device is working on. This is moderately easy because you only have to open the ‘Settings > System > About Phone > Build Number’ and it will be arranged on the screen.

Instantly, the number can be so as ‘BLA-L29 (C636) which is the identical build number of a Huawei Mate 10 Pro operating on Android 8.0 Oreo OS. Next step is to recognize the version of the build number your Smartphone handling. Take the over-given number as an instance and remove the Android version i.e. 8.0.0. from the build number and reinstate it will the model number i.e. C636. Lastly, join the alphabet B before the last set of numbers i.e. 132. Therefore, the firmware version of your device is BLA-L29C636B132.

Step No.2 – Download the Required Update.zip app file

  • You have the firmware version of your device, you can begin the search to place the fit file.
  • Firstly, copy the firmware version number that you simply created and save it to the clipboard for a moment.
  • Next move is to see the firmware version and model and check out for the file that shows “FullOTA-MF”.
  • Once you have the correct file to download, just hit the ‘Update’ button that will download the zip file from the internet.
  • This zip file can be applied to extract the update.app file placed within it practicing the archive extractor tools such as 7zip or WinRAR which is pretty easy.

Step No.3 – How To Use Huawei Update Extractor

  • If you own Huawei Update Extractor download on your Laptop or computer, Now, Go to Settings and untick the selection ‘Verify header checksum’ and save it.
  • Lastly, hit the “…” button accessible on the cover to place the extracted file ‘Update.app’
  • Once the file is placed in the extractor. Hit the ‘Extract Selected’ button which order automatically saves the extracted update file as boot.img, system.img, etc.

Step No.4 – Flash The Firmware File

This method to follow in this tutorial is to install the file that you previously extracted. Go to Huawei Update Extractor, place the file RAMDISK.img and use the Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools to install it. Already is the tutorial that will be important for you to understand this fourth and final step.


  • Turn off your Smartphone and wait for a moment before turning it ON or you can just restart the Smartphone in fastboot mode for which, the actions do change from model-to-model. In the maximum of the Smartphones, it is normally by hitting the Power button and Volume down key
  • If not, then attach the Smartphone through a USB cable to your Smartphone and later, attempt to power it on and hit the Volume button. Alternatively, you can hold the Volume down button pressed when plugging in and attaching the Smartphone to the Computer.
  • Leave the volume button and/or power button when the display vibrates or if the screen displays Android logo.
  • From the Computer, open the command prompt window by keyboarding in ‘cmd’ in the search column or right-click on the Start button and go to Command Prompt Window.
  • Once the cmd is open, type the keyword fast boot devices considering that you have previously downloaded and placed ADB and fastboot tools.
  • Type “fastboot flash ramdisk RAMDISK.img” which is the name of your update.app file and insert the key “Enter”.
  • This launches the flashing procedure and once it is done, separate the Smartphone from the Computer and reboot it.
  • This method is helpful for the device currently operating on Android Oreo 8.0.0, though, if you are applying Android 7.0 Nougat device, you can observe the identical procedure if the Smartphone refers to Huawei where your obligation to extract the BOOT file and reproduce the same method as for specified.
  • When you open cmd, insert the command “fastboot flash boot BOOT.img” and there you hold it.

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